Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Golden Moments at the 2012 Globes

Red Carpet Trends

“I feel like 5 million dollars”--Sofia Vergara's red carpet comment that updated the million-dollar phrase to today's currency values, in her signature form fitting mermaid style strapless gown (this time by Vera Wang), with massive Harry Winston diamond cuffs on her wrist. Mature glamazon Helen Mirren, trendy as ever, sported no less than 5 trends listed below, while wildchild-turned-crusader Angelina Jolie surprised with an elegant Old Hollywood look. 


Lengths: Floor length/trailing
Colours: Pale Champagne, Metallic Gold, Teal, Canary Yellow, Red
Detailing: Glittery, beaded
Cuts & Fitting: 
* Strapless (Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman)
* Form fitting
* Cinched at the waist with a skirted flare (Salma Hayek)
* Plunging necklines with a banded waistline (Evan Rachel Wood, Laura Dern, Emma Stone)
* Trailing mermaid hemlines (Sofia Vergara)
* Low backed (Claire Danes)

* Swept back (in a bun if long enough)
* Hairbands (Charlize Theron, Michelle Williams) 
* Cascading curls (Salma Hayek)

* Matching glittery Clutches: (Angelina Jolie, Zooey Deschanel)
* Discreet jewelry: There was a significant lack of bling, with the exception of dazzlingly large diamond earrings worn by Missy Elliott and Kate Beckinsale
* Tassle earrings 
* Chunky bracelets/cuffs

* Red, red lipstick
* Lots of alabaster skin without fake tans

Best Looking Presenters: 
Matches made in screen heaven (looked far better than with their respective spouses)

1. Channing Tatum & Jessica Alba (best bods, not brains)

2. Clive Owen & Nicole Kidman (imperfect masculine style with robotic feminine perfection)

3. Antonio Banderas & Salma Hayek (an older version of ‘Desperado’)

4. Ashton Kutcher & Elle Macpherson (best Cougar pairing)

Funniest moments:
1. Ricky Gervais & Johnny Depp's repartee (a continuation of last year's 'The Tourist' cracks)
2. Ricky's jibes at Justin Bieber's doubtful fertility levels
3. Jimmy Fallon moving like Jagger
4. Ricky's 'Queen of Pop' crack at Elton John
5. Madonna dissing Ricky G (her tongue's as intimidating as her biceps)

Foreign Name Pronunciation Awards: 
1. 'Iran' pronounced perfectly by Madonna (now Obama's not the only one)
2. French nominees' names pronounced correctly by Angelina (she must be sharing Maddox's tutor)

Hottest Grande Dames: 
1. Jane Fonda (74)
2. Helen Mirren (66)
3. Michelle Pfeiffer (53)

Crappiest Dress Choices:
1. Freida Pinto (you had all that to choose from and you picked THIS?!)
2. Jessica Biel (schoolmarm)
3. Lea Michele (trying too hard)

Cutest Bromance:
George Clooney and Brad Pitt

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